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In a world of muted economic growth, investors can expect modest gains and more volatility.

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Investing in the Future!

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5 Mistakes That Will Take Your Start-up Down


Businesses are a very tricky thing, and people who intend to indulge themselves into that after putting their hard earned money and hard work cannot afford to lose it all. While it may sound like an easy route to start up a business, there are certain mistakes along the road that can result in setbacks.

There can be just one simple mistake or step that can take down the entire start-up. As much as scary it sounds, it is better to have an idea beforehand so you can avoid doing them. We have enlisted some of the major mistakes that the budding entrepreneurs overlook which turn into a huge problem along the road. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

15 Israeli Start Ups to Watch in 2016

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