Start Group ltd. is the private investment fund that specializes on investments in the

promising startup companies in Biotechnology, Communications, Cybersecurity and Financial Fields. No future is too big or too small for us, that's why we consider every opportunity for the mutual cooperation. Since the establishment in 2014, our company has successfully invested in the various Israeli and U.S. companies. 

Our goal is to invest in the high growth companies that are looking the become the Mavericks of the industry and establish themselves as leaders in the respected market segments.

Our unique approach on choosing the opportunities is the combination of team's experience and deep market and company analysis. We are at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and we work closely with the leaders of various sectors. 

Defining goals is one of the most crucial decisions

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OLENA PAVLINA - Director. Olena is the founder of the company with the strong experience in the financial and service sectors. She has held number of executive  positions that helps the company to make strategic decisions. Olena is overlooking for communications and biotechnology sectors 

DANIEL ISAKOV- Investments Manager. As experienced professional with the strong financial background, Daniel is the integral part of the company. He scouts and analyzes all of upcoming and exciting startup opportunities. He holds an MBA in Finance from Saint John's University (USA) and BBA from Baruch College (USA). Daniel is handling Financial, Cybersecurity and Technology sectors.



Our Team